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When everyone heard that Lily’s father was a cultural relic appraiser, they immediately cast a contemptuous and sympathetic gaze at Charlie.

All of them shared the same thought—Charlie was so unlucky!

His show-off moment was interrupted by the presence of an expert! It was like a slap right across his own face!

It would be so humiliating if Lawson Lewis, Lily’s father, came downstairs!

Claire blushed timidly. She leaned closer to Charlie and whispered, “So many people are watching you. You’d better not be stubborn, it would be so embarrassing otherwise!”

On their way here, Charlie did tell her about the painting he bought but he said that it didn’t cost him a lot of money. Right now, however, he changed his attitude and claimed that it was very expensive. His sudden change of reaction made Claire a little doubtful and skeptical, figuring that Charlie might have lied for the sake of his reputation.

On the contrary, Charlie was indifferent. He blurted, “If you don’t believe me, let the expert do his job then.”

Then, he added, “Oh yes, by the way, everyone, remember what Clinton said, okay? He is so stubborn that he wants to bet with me again and this time, he’s going to eat the table.”

Clinton gritted his teeth in agony when the image of his burning car reappeared in his mind. He growled angrily, “Charlie, you f*cking snobbish dude! The racing thing was a trap and I’ve paid my price for it! I’ll do the same this time! If that painting of yours is really worth that much, I’ll eat this table right away! If it’s worthless crap, would you eat it?”

Charlie nodded casually. “Alright, if it’s worthless, I’ll eat it.”

Although the painting was not a famous painting, it was indeed the work of the Dutch Golden Age painter Rachel Ruysch. Moreover, the antique store that he bought the painting from was a popular antique store that had franchises all over the country with genuine guarantees. Hence, he was certain that the painting was authentic.

Claire wanted to stop Charlie, but he had already agreed to the bet before she was able to respond, so she could only sigh in desperation.

Loreen, on the other hand, was feeling rather odd and peculiar. Why did Charlie seem so confident?

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When she recalled the incidents that happened around him lately, she realized that the man was very mysterious and enigmatic. She was still very shocked after what happened in Heaven Springs the other day. The infamous Don Albert bowed at him like a lowly servant! Why? She hadn’t figured out yet.

One thing she was certain—it must have something to do with his identity!

Clinton quickly blurted, seeing his chance to bounce back, “Okay, again, all of you be our witness! Let’s bring Lily’s father down and help us appraise the painting!”

As everyone focused their gazes on Lily, she took out her phone and made a call right away, “Dad, could you come downstairs for a while, please? Douglas’s friend gave us a painting and we want you to appraise it.”

A minute later, an old man slowly walked down the stairs from the second floor.

He was Lawson Lewis, the renowned cultural relic appraiser in Aurous Hill.

Today was the opening ceremony of his daughter and future son-in-law’s restaurant. He had invited an old friend for a simple gathering in a private room upstairs. When he heard that there was an ancient painting that needed to be appraised, he hurried down to take a look, a result of his work habits.

He walked swiftly onto the stage and Lily quickly handed him the gift box containing the painting. “Dad, please appraise this painting. Someone claimed that it is worth tens of thousands of dollars!”

She shifted her disdainful gaze at Charlie while saying that.

Who would have believed that a deadbeat loser who mooched off his wife could afford such a pricey painting?

It must be fake!

Frankly, the rest of the attendees shared the same thought.

No one believed that Charlie could actually buy such an expensive painting as a gift.

Under everyone’s curious glances, Lawson took the gift box, took out the scroll, and opened it carefully.

The old painting was a little yellowish and it didn’t seem very extravagant or impressive. Many who liked to judge someone or something by the look said instantly, “Duh, it doesn’t look that expensive!”

“Yeah! I bet it’s only worth fifty dollars.”

“I think the box is more expensive than the painting!”

Lawson studied the painting gingerly for a few minutes before he raised his head and asked with a smile, “Did you say this painting is a gift from Douglas’s friend?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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