The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 46

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This was starting to get a little tricky.

Charlie felt that he needed to talk to Isaac in advance and arrange for full protection on the day. He couldn’t reveal his identity no matter what.

In the middle of the dinner, Loreen started, “Before I came to Aurous Hill, I talked to some of our collegemates about it and they suggested holding a class reunion. What do you think?”

Charlie said immediately, “No thanks, I won’t attend.”

“Why?” Loreen asked curiously. “Although we were not collegemates for four years, we spent a year together nonetheless!”

When Charlie was taken in by Lord Wilson, he sent him to Aurous University in order to let him know Claire in advance. He and Claire spent the final year together in the same class.

After graduation, they got married immediately.

He didn’t build a friendship with anyone in the class. Besides, most of them looked down on him, so he wasn’t interested at all when he heard about the reunion.

Claire shared the same reluctance. She said to Loreen, “Charlie and I will pass on this one. I haven’t been in touch with most of our classmates after graduation.”

Loreen quickly said, “The main reason for the class reunion this time is because of Douglas Adams. He’s opening a restaurant that will start its operations tomorrow. He’s openly inviting everyone to visit his restaurant and have a gathering together.”

She continued, “Don’t you think it’s a little rude to not attend the opening ceremony?”

As soon as her voice halted, their phones beeped simultaneously, it was the notification of an incoming message.

Immediately afterwards, a lot of conversation boxes popped up on the screen.

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They took out their phones and looked at it. It was Douglas who had created a chat group and added more than thirty people into the group.

In the group chat, Douglas posted, “Dear old classmates, my restaurant will officially open at noon tomorrow, it is located in Aurous Hill. I invite anyone in Aurous Hill to come and enjoy a feast, it can also be our class reunion!”

“It just so happens that Loreen Thomas, one of the two belles in our class, has come to work in Aurous Hill and she will be attending the reunion too! Guys, I heard that Loreen is still single and available, all the lonely bachelors in this group had better hurry up and make your move!”

Immediately afterward, endless replies started flooding the group.

“Hey, congratulations!”

“Oh, Loreen is here in Aurous Hill? Why haven’t I heard anything about it? I’ll surely be there!”

“What about Claire, the other belle? Will she attend?”

“I heard that Claire married Charlie, the transfer student, right? Also, I heard that Charlie is a live-in son-in-law, is it true?”

“Yeah, I heard about it too, but I’m not sure if it’s true since I haven’t seen them both since graduation…”

“I heard that they haven’t consummated their marriage although they are married, I wonder if that’s true…”

Claire frowned at the contents of the text messages and said to Charlie, “Don’t take it seriously.”

Charlie smiled. “It’s okay, what they are talking about is the actual fact anyway, I’m already used to it.”

Loreen quickly replied in the group, “Hey, don’t simply blabber about them! I’m having dinner with the couple now as we speak! They are very lovely!”

“Wow, it’s Loreen!”

All the simps quickly gathered around, amazed by Loreen’s message.

Someone in the group tagged Charlie at this moment. It’s Douglas, the group creator. “Charlie, although you spent a short time with us, I remember we were quite buddies back in college. You and your wife must come tomorrow!”

To be honest, Charlie had a pretty good impression of Douglas. He was a very nice person who treated everyone kindly and never badmouthed others. He was indeed one of the few classmates whom he was close with.

Looking at his sincere invite, Charlie instantly replied, “Okay, we’ll definitely be there tomorrow.”

Douglas quickly replied, “That’s great! It’s going to be an awesome reunion!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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