The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 433

Chapter 433

Harold was also slowly losing his temper.

What the hell was this?

He had seen Marcus being handcuffed at the side of the road by the police officers. That was the reason why he decided to come over to say hello to him. However, he did not expect this guy to actually curse at him and spit at his face instead. This was f*cking disgusting!

Harold said angrily, “Mr. Lloyd, you are too much! I just came over to ask you about the situation out of concern since we are friends. So, how can you treat me like this?!”

Marcus yelled immediately, “Who the f*ck do you think you are? Do you really think that a poor man like you is actually worthy enough to become my friend?! You are nothing more than a pathetic jerk in my eyes! Are you trying to butter up to me so that you can get closer to me? Get lost!”

“I…” Harold felt seriously wronged.

However, he did not dare to go against Marcus at all. After all, Harold knew very well that the Lloyd family was countless times more powerful and stronger compared to the Wilson family, who was already on the verge of bankruptcy. Harold knew that things would not end well if he offended Marcus in any way.

Therefore, he could only use his sleeves to wipe the spit off his face before he said, “Sorry for offending you, Mr. Lloyd.”

After that, he turned around and walked back toward his car before he drove away immediately.

Harold felt very angry and bitter.

Who the heck did Marcus think he was?!

This was so maddening!

At the same time, Marcus was also feeling very terrible.

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He could not help but sigh at his unfortunate fate. He was planning to go home in a low- key manner, but who would have known that he would turn out to be an exhibition piece at the busiest intersection in the city center instead?

Many people took pictures of him with their cell phones, and some of them even posted those pictures on their social media account. There were even people who gave him the nickname ‘Aurous Hill’s No. 1 Pathetic Jerk’.

In no time, Marcus’s deed had quickly spread throughout Aurous Hill.


It was a very tormenting night for Charlie at the Champs Elys Spa Resort.

He had initially been planning to share a bed with his wife, Claire.

Alas, Loreen had insisted on sharing a room with Claire, saying that it would be a great opportunity for them to spend time together as best friends. Charlie did not know whether Loreen was deliberately doing this or whether it was completely unintentional.

Whatever it was, Charlie could only sleep alone in the other room.

The next day, Charlie was already prepared to check out and return to the city after waking up. However, the two women were still reluctant to leave, and they decided to soak in the hot spring pool for the whole morning before finally checking out reluctantly.

After bathing in the hot spring pool, both women looked especially radiant and beautiful.

Isaac himself came in to handle their checkout for them after their stay.

He also apologized to Charlie and Claire again and again before warning all the employees on the spot that he would fire them if he found out that any of them was treating each customer differently or favoring one customer over the other.

The entire workforce at the Champs Elys Spa Resort finally realized the importance of serving every customer in a fair manner.

After that, Isaac also took the opportunity to walk Charlie and the other two women to the entrance.

Isaac was initially planning to walk Charlie all the way to the carpark, but Charlie gave him a subtle look before he said, “We will head to the carpark to pick up our car before going back to the city directly. Mr. Cameron, you don’t need to walk us there.”

Isaac got the hint immediately and knew that Charlie did not want him to follow them around anymore. Therefore, he quickly said respectfully, “Alright then, Mr. Wade. Have a safe journey home.”

After stepping out of the Champs Elys Spa Resort, Loreen stretched her waist enchantingly before she said, “Ahh! It was truly very comfortable to soak in the hot spring pool. Claire, if it’s fine with you, wouldn’t it be really nice for us to be able to stay for a few more nights before returning to the city?”

Claire could only smile as she replied, “My company has just opened and there are so many things that I need to do. How could I possibly extend my stay here for a few more days?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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