The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 373

Chapter 373

At this time, Claire, Charlie, and Jacob had just finished having lunch at home.

As Charlie was heading to the kitchen to clean up the dishes as usual, he suddenly received a phone call from Xyla.

As soon as he answered the call, Xyla replied in shame as she said, “Mr. Wade, what are you doing now?”

“I’m just at home.” Charlie replied in a casual manner. After that, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything you want to tell me?”

At this time, Xyla quickly replied, “The reason why I’m calling you today is because I want to report something to you.”


Xyla hurriedly explained herself at this time. “So, this is what happened. Yesterday, Jason Grant and Kenneth Wilson came to my grandfather’s medical clinic begging him to treat them! My grandfather did not know that Kenneth had offended you and he almost gave him the other half of the magical pill that you’d previously given to him!”

Out of curiosity, Charlie asked, “Why? Does your family have a good relationship with Kenneth? Why would your grandfather be willing to give him such a precious medicine?”

Charlie knew very well that Anthony regarded the magical pill that he gave him as a rare treasure and he knew that this pill was very important to Anthony.

Since it was such an important item, why would anyone give it to someone who they did not know or someone who was just an ordinary acquaintance?

At this time, Xyla hurriedly replied, “My grandfather and Kenneth’s father were very close friends in the past. Both of them shared a close relationship in the past and they’ve both always been very close throughout the years.”

After that, Xyla also told Charlie about everything that her grandfather and the old man from the Wilson family had gone through together in the past.

After Charlie heard Xyla’s explanation, he realized that the Wilson family was actually the benefactor who had helped Anthony in the past.

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Moreover, he found out that Anthony had been repaying the kindness of the Wilson family for so many years just because of the small favor that he had received in the past. This made Charlie feel more respect and admiration for Anthony.

What made him even more satisfied was the fact that Anthony could distinguish between right and wrong and he did not hesitate to break off all connections with the Wilson family just because of him.

Even though Charlie was the young lord of the most prestigious and powerful family in Eastcliff, he left the Wade family with his father when he was still a young boy. When his father died unexpectedly, he had to run around to survive and he was eventually brought to the orphanage where he grew up.

Charlie understood the importance of gratitude and repaying kindness because of the time that he spent in the orphanage.

The auntie at the orphanage had raised him up and treated him so well. Therefore, when she fell ill, Charlie did not mind all the insults, mocking, and criticism that the Wilson family hurled at him and he still mustered up the courage to borrow money from them just so he could treat her illness.

Claire was the one who helped him then and even if he really had no respect for the Wilson family, he could not leave Claire without repaying her for her kindness.

It was precisely because he knew that Anthony had the same character and perception as him that he started to have a better impression of him.

It seemed as though Anthony would become one of his loyal followers in future. Since Anthony was so loyal to him, Charlie decided to reward him for his loyalty.

As he thought about this, Charlie decided to head to Serene World Clinic later in the afternoon to give Anthony another of his magical pills.

After all, Charlie concocted thirty of those pills at one go and after giving out some of the pills, he still had about twenty pills left with him.

Charlie had already mastered the concoction of the pills and since he could control his own qi and spiritual energy after studying the Apocalyptic Book, it did not cost him anything at all to make the pills.

Moreover, Charlie wanted to let the people in Aurous Hill understand that he was someone who would give distinct punishments and rewards for their actions.

If you did something bad, then you would be punished.

However, if you did something good, then you should be rewarded!

Since Anthony had done very well this time, Charlie wanted to pay him a visit in the afternoon so that he could reward him with another magical pill that he would have never dreamt of.

Therefore, Charlie asked Xyla immediately, “Will your grandfather be at Serene World Clinic in the afternoon?”

“Yes.” Xyla asked excitedly, “Mr. Wade, are you planning to come over?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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