The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 330

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf Chapter 330

Lady Wilson trembled as she walked toward Claire and knelt directly in front of her!

Everyone in the ward was shocked at this time!

Who would have ever imagined that the haughty and arrogant Lady Wilson would kneel in front of Claire?

This truly was a shock to everyone!

Even Christopher did not expect his mother to actually be willing to kneel in front of Claire and beg, just so that she would be able to trick Claire into going back to work for the Wilson Group.

She had been so strong and arrogant throughout her entire life, always trying to control and manipulate everyone around her. How could she possibly kneel in front of someone else like this? Why would she kneel in front of Claire?

Claire was also surprised and dumbfounded at this time. She quickly replied, “Grandma, what are you doing now?! Please get up! We can amicably discuss things.”

Lady Wilson continued kneeling in front of Claire before she said apologetically, “Claire, what your grandmother did in the past was wrong! I know that everything was my fault. I should not have chased you out of the Wilson Group. I sincerely apologize to you for my mistake. Claire, please forgive your grandmother and come back to help the Wilson Group again. The Wilson family cannot survive without you! If you refuse to come back to the Wilson Group, it is truly over for the Wilson family! Please, Claire. Grandma is begging you now. Please come back to the Wilson Group!”

Lady Wilson’s attitude toward Claire had changed completely, and she was no longer the arrogant old woman who always used her position as the head of the family to control and coerce Claire into doing something that she did not want to do. Right now, she was simply pleading and desperately begging Claire to help the Wilson family. It seemed as though she genuinely regretted her past actions.

The Wilson family was in danger of going bankrupt and losing everything they had. Therefore, Lady Wilson knew that even if she had to kneel and beg, she had to make sure that she did everything she could to get Claire to work for the Wilson Group again.

Otherwise, the Wilson Group would really be ruined in her hands!

When Christopher saw his mother kneeling before Claire and desperately begging her, the expression on his face changed immediately. Quick as a flash, he dragged Harold and Wendy along with him as all three of them knelt beside Lady Wilson to beg Claire to return to the Wilson Group.

Claire suddenly felt a little lost as she witnessed this scene.

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She had never expected that Lady Wilson, who had always cared about her own face and reputation more than her own life, to actually kneel and apologize to her in front of so many other people.

It seemed as though the Wilson family was completely desperate.

When Lady Wilson saw that Claire was still indifferent, she continued sobbing as she spoke, “Claire, please have some pity for your poor grandmother. The Wilson family cannot live without you. Please, Claire. Please come back and work for the Wilson Group!”

After that, Lady Wilson continued kneeling as she kowtowed to Claire three times with a miserable and distressed expression on her face, making it seem as though she was going to continue kneeling until she died unless Claire agreed to help the Wilson family.

“If you knew that things would turn out this way, why did you mistreat Claire in the first place?”

At this time, Charlie walked up to Lady Wilson before he said coldly, “Grandma, thank you very much for coming to visit my father-in-law today. We really appreciate it. However, it would be impossible for Claire to return to work for the Wilson Group.”

After saying that, Charlie issued an eviction order and said, “Please leave this place immediately!”

Lady Wilson immediately stopped crying and glared at Charlie as she said, “Charlie, when you had nothing at all, the Wilson family provided for you and gave you food, clothing, and a place to live. Don’t you feel a little grateful at all? Why are you trying to sow discord between Claire and the other members of the Wilson family now?”

Charlie smiled faintly before he said, “I am sorry, grandma, but the person who fed me and provided for me was Claire and my parents-in-law. You have never given me anything and all you have ever done is to mock me and call me a piece of trash! Why should I be grateful to someone like you?”

Then, the expression on Charlie’s face changed before he snorted, “Don’t think that I do not know what your plan is. I know that you are just trying to trick and manipulate Claire into going back to the Wilson Group because you want her to help the Wilson Group secure some contracts and partnerships with the other companies so that you can revitalize the Wilson Group again. Am I wrong?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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