The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 323

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf Chapter 323

Claire felt very embarrassed after hearing this warning from her mother.

She also felt that Charlie was taking a big risk by giving Feng Shui advice to all these rich and powerful figures. In fact, it was equivalent to him walking a tightrope on the Grand Canyon, which was a very dangerous feat indeed.

There were so many Feng Shui and metaphysics masters who had deceived many celebrities in the past, but they had all suffered a terrible death.

If Charlie continued giving Feng Shui advice, who would know what would happen in the future?

When Elaine saw the worried expression on Claire’s face, she knew that she had already succeeded in brainwashing her. Therefore, she quickly struck the iron while it was still hot. “You should divorce Charlie as soon as your father is discharged from the hospital! Otherwise, who knows what will happen when this group of rich and powerful people find out that Charlie has been deceiving them all this while? What are we going to do if our family has to suffer because of him?”

Then, Elaine continued speaking, “Didn’t you see what happened to Jason Grant? He was not given the opportunity to even speak or explain himself and was thrown out the window immediately. How are they going to treat Charlie when they find out that he has been lying to them all along?”

At this time, Claire replied in a displeased manner, “Mom, how could you say that? Charlie just asked a genius doctor to save dad. Aren’t you just trying to sow discord and break us apart?!”

“Why can’t I say that?” Elaine replied angrily. “Do you know that his current situation is similar to investing in financial insurance? I do not know when there will be a thunderstorm! Once there is a thunderstorm, Charlie will be left with nothing at all. Nothing!”

Claire replied seriously in turn, “Mom, no matter what you say, I will never divorce Charlie!”

Even though Claire had said that, she could not help but feel very worried.

She was not afraid that Charlie would be causing harm or implicating her or the Wilson family in the future. Rather, she was just worried that Charlie would be facing a lot of dangers in the future.

As she thought about this, she felt that she should be persuading Charlie to ask him to stop giving other people Feng Shui advice in the future, lest he invites more trouble for himself.

Upon hearing Claire’s words, Elaine yelled angrily, “You are seriously pissing me off!”

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As soon as her voice fell, Charlie returned to the room after sending everyone off.

Elaine wanted to continue speaking, but the attending doctor came over to say something.

“By the way, I need one of you to register and go through the hospitalization procedures soon. After that, we will start our follow-up rehabilitation and nursing procedures.”

“Okay!” Claire replied as she looked at Charlie. “Charlie, do you have the one hundred and eighty thousand dollars cheque that Doris refunded to you earlier?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded before he said, “I will go and settle the hospital bills and registration procedures now.”

After that, Charlie turned around and left the ward again.

Elaine was very anxious when she heard that there was a cheque worth one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, and she hurriedly asked, “Cheque? What cheque are you talking about? Where did you get the cheque?”

Claire quickly replied, “Miss Doris from Emgrand Group gave me the cheque because they are refunding me for the office rent that I paid. They are allowing me to rent the office lot in the Bright Star Building for free.”

Elaine was very excited as she exclaimed, “Is there such a good thing? Wow! We’ve saved one hundred and eighty thousand dollars!”

Then, Elaine hurriedly asked the doctor, “By the way, doctor, how much is the hospitalization fees?”

The attending doctor replied, “Since the patient has already recovered, the only fee that you need to pay is for the rehabilitation and nursing care. It should be about two thousand dollars a day. You can just pay a deposit of twenty thousand dollars first.”

When Elaine heard that they only needed to pay twenty thousand dollars, she quickly worked out the math in her mind. The cheque was for one hundred and eighty thousand dollars! If she paid the deposit of twenty thousand dollars, she would still have one hundred and sixty thousand dollars left!

As she thought about it, she hurriedly informed Claire, “I will go with Charlie to deal with the registration and payment!”

Having said that, she ran out of the ward to catch up with Charlie.

Charlie was walking toward the registration counter at this time when he suddenly heard the sound of rushing footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw that his mother- in-law, Elaine, was already directly behind him at this time.

Elaine stood behind him as she tried to catch her breath and said, “Charlie, give me the cheque. I will go and settle the hospitalization fees!”

Charlie did not know that she was coveting the remaining one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, and so, he said, “Mom, you can just go back to the ward and accompany dad. I will go and settle the bill.”

Elaine glared at him before she said angrily, “Why are you talking so much nonsense?! I said that I will go and settle the bill! Give me the cheque now! You can just go back to the ward and help Claire!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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