The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 259

The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf Chapter 259

Charlie nodded in satisfaction when he saw how obedient Zachary was.

In fact, Zachary was a very clever man and he would definitely be useful to Charlie in the future since he is indeed very capable and full of ideas.

After that, Charlie told him, “Zachary, I’ll definitely treat you well if I’m satisfied with your behaviour.”

Zachary hurriedly clasped his fists together before he said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. I’ll definitely make sure you’re satisfied!”

Charlie could not help but smile at Zachary’s flattery. “Do you know that I really feel like hitting you because of how shameless you look right now?”

Zachary laughed before he said, “Mr. Wade, I know how ugly my face is but you should also know that money is never ugly!”

After that, Zachary took out a black box from under the seat before he handed it over to Charlie. “Mr. Wade, this is the three hundred thousand dollars in cash that I’m supposed to give your father-in-law. Please check if the amount is correct.”

Charlie waved his hand before he said, “It’s okay, I’m leaving now.”

Zachary suddenly asked, “Mr. Wade, aren’t you going to walk around Antique Street?”

“No, I won’t be walking around the street today,” Charlie replied immediately. “After all, nine hundred and ninety nine out of ten thousand items displayed on Antique Street are fake. What’s the point of shopping here?”

Zachary nodded before he said, “Alright then, please have a safe journey. I’m about to close my stall too.”

Charlie then asked out of curiosity, “Where are you going? Why are you closing up so early?”

After that, Zachary replied, “I’m going to the small commodity market to buy some goods. It seems as though no one is really interested in fake jade anymore. Therefore, I’m going to the commodity market to buy some copper coins instead. I can get the fake copper coins in the commodity market for one dollar each and I can sell it for one to two thousand dollars on Antique Street.”

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Claire was shocked when she heard Zachary’s words and she exclaimed immediately, “You’re buying them for one dollar apiece and you’re about to sell them for one to two thousand dollars each? Isn’t that exploitation?”

Zachary scratched his head before he replied, “Well, that is how things work on Antique Street. If I sell the copper coin for one or two dollars, the other stall owners on Antique Street will kill me!”

At this time, Charlie could only stare at Zachary as he said in a helpless manner, “Can’t you do something that doesn’t involve cheating or deceiving an innocent person?”

Zachary looked at Charlie with a bitter expression on his face. “Mr. Wade, if I don’t deceive people on Antique Street for a living, I’ll definitely starve to death!”

At this time, Charlie replied helplessly, “Alright then. Good luck to you.”

Since the small commodity market was on the way back to their house, Charlie said to Zachary, “Why don’t you come with me? I’ll give you a ride to the commodity market.”

Zachary really did not expect someone like Charlie to offer him a ride. Therefore, he was extremely excited and he quickly packed up as he thanked Charlie. “Mr. Wade, thank you for being so generous and kind. Thank you, thank you.”

Charlie waved his hand before he said, “Okay, stop your nonsense and just get into the car already!”

As soon as they left Antique Street, the sky turned gloomy and after a short while, there was a thunderstorm as heavy rain fell from the sky.

It had been raining recently and the urban area would always be flooded because of the heavy downpour.

The rain was very heavy at this time and the traffic radio station also reminded all the car owners to avoid several main roads that had already been closed due to floods from serious water accumulation.

Therefore, Charlie could only choose to use a detour from the outskirts of the city.

Zachary was very anxious and excited as he sat in the back seat of the car. He secretly took a picture of Charlie’s side profile while he was driving before posting the picture on his social media profile with the caption, “I would never have imagined that I’d ever be fortunate enough to ride in Mr. Wade’s car.”

A lot of people began leaving comments below his post! Most of them were asking Zachary not to forget them now that he was actually in touch with someone like Charlie.

Zachary felt very proud of himself at this time.

Charlie was not driving fast and when he passed a secluded street, he suddenly saw a car that was parked on the side of the road.

The car was an old black Mercedes-Benz and it was parked crookedly on the side of the road. A woman walked out of the car in a hurry at this time.

When Charlie saw that both the front tyres of the Mercedes-Benz were already flat, he assumed that this was the reason the woman had stopped the car.

Charlie did not want to be nosy and he planned to continue driving. However, at this time, Claire looked out the window and she saw the woman who had just walked out of the Mercedes-Benz. She was stunned for a moment before she exclaimed, “Charlie! Stop the car! I think it’s Loreen’s car!”

Charlie stopped the car immediately.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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