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“He really is a God!” At this time, Albert was not the only one who was stunned, but Jasmine and Oscar were also dumbfounded.

It was really amazing that Charlie was able to find the water pipe that was hidden inside the cement floor.

Charlie spoke up again. “Albert, break the water pipe open and let the water spill out immediately. As soon as the water gushes out of the pipe, the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ will break down immediately, and this Feng Shui formation will no longer exist!”

Jasmine hurriedly urged, “Albert, hurry up and break the water pipe open!”

Albert nodded before he started hitting the water pipe with the metal crowbar until it finally broke.

A large pool of water spewed out in an instant, and Charlie, Jasmine, and Oscar backed away immediately to avoid the water from getting all over them. Unfortunately, Albert did not manage to escape in time, and the water splashed all over him.

After the water gushed out, Charlie realized that he had already broken the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ because of the fatal damage they had done to the water pipe.

Charlie quickly told Oscar, “Turn off the main water valve. The ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ has already been broken.”

“It has already been broken!?” Everyone asked with a curious expression on their faces.

Charlie replied calmly, “Yes, I have already broken the terrifying Feng Shui formation. Therefore, I think that Jasmine’s fortune has already been turned around, and she will enjoy many good fortunes soon.”

As soon as he was done speaking, Jasmine received a phone call.

“Miss Moore, someone from the company in the United States called to inform us that they had made a mistake and there is nothing wrong with our products whatsoever. All of the products that we shipped to the United States have passed the inspection process.”

“That is great news!”

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Jasmine was utterly amazed. It seemed as though her fortune had indeed changed as soon as Charlie broke the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ for her.

After hanging up the phone, Jasmine quickly thanked Charlie with a grateful expression on her face. “Mr. Wade, you truly are a God! Thank you so much for what you have done for me!”

Charlie smiled before he replied, “Miss Moore, you are welcome. The only reason I came here today was because Don Albert asked me to come and help you out. I am only doing what I can.”

Albert was very touched and almost burst into tears when he heard Charlie’s words. He truly did not expect Charlie to remember to speak up for him at a time like this. This way, he would certainly be able to get into Jasmine’s good books!

He had always wanted to get into Jasmine’s good books, but the young lady of the Moore family would never allow someone like him to get closer to her. Therefore, he had been helping the Moore family out whenever he could because he wanted to get her attention and win her favor. Since Charlie had given him this credit, Jasmine would undoubtedly give Albert more attention and opportunities in the future.

Jasmine then looked at Albert before saying, “Thank you for looking out for me. I will definitely remember what you have done for me.”

Albert hurriedly replied, “Miss Moore, I am merely doing what I should do.”

Jasmine nodded slightly. She was the young lady of the Moore family in front of Albert, but she was still very respectful and polite toward Charlie.

After a brief moment, Jasmine’s cell phone started ringing again.

It was Mr. Lambeth from Hong Kong!

“Mr. Lambeth? Why are you calling me again?”

Jasmine was somewhat dissatisfied because Mr. Lambeth had just called to terminate their partnership with the Moore family not too long ago.

At this time, Mr. Lambeth quickly spoke on the other end of the line, “Miss Moore, I am so sorry! There seems to have been a misunderstanding before this. My father’s Feng Shui master told him that your fortune had changed suddenly, and your good luck and wealth will be soaring overwhelmingly! Therefore, I would strongly suggest that we continue the business partnership between the Lambeth and the Moore family. I sincerely hope that we will be able to sign a partnership contract as soon as possible. I will fly in to Aurous Hill tomorrow if it is fine with you. Will I be able to meet you then?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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