The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 212

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When Charlie saw the sixty-inch television falling toward Jasmine’s feet, he quickly took a step forward and grabbed her hand before pulling her into his arms.

The television set fell and hit the ground with a crash!

The television casing and screen smashed to the ground, a piece of shattered plastic flying out and slashing Jasmine’s slender and fair leg.

“Ahh!” Jasmine yelled out in pain as soon as she felt the sharp pain in her calf. When she lowered her head, she realized that there was a two to three centimeter-long cut in her calf, and blood started gushing out of the wound in a flash.

Charlie hurriedly took out a piece of tissue from his pocket before kneeling down beside Jasmine and pressing the piece of tissue against her calf. After that, he asked, “Jasmine, do you have any first aid kit at home? We need to disinfect your wound immediately.”

Jasmine was a little irate when Charlie touched her leg and she wanted to yell at him. However, when she recalled that Charlie was the one who rescued her, she suppressed her anger and tried to calm herself down.

After that, she glared angrily at Master Lennard before saying, “Master Lennard, you are not going anywhere unless you give me a reasonable explanation today!”

As soon as he heard Jasmine’s words, Albert grabbed Master Lennard by his neck before he asked, “Speak up! Tell me, what have you done to Miss Moore?!”

Master Lennard replied, the fear evident in his eyes. “I… I did not do anything to her! I was just performing a ritual to help her reverse her bad fortune…”

“Stop lying to me!” Albert responded angrily. “Did you change Miss Moore’s fortune for the worse instead?”

Don Albert grit his teeth as he cursed, “Tell me! Did someone pay you so that you could come and deliberately cause harm to Miss Moore?”

Master Lennard trembled in shock as soon as he heard Albert’s words. “Big brother, I did not receive money from anyone! I have no intention to harm Miss Moore at all…

Albert continued to pressure him, “If you refuse to tell me the truth, I will chop you up into pieces and feed you to the stray dogs!”

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Albert then looked at Jasmine before he said, “Miss Moore, leave this matter to me. I will deal with this b*stard on your behalf.”

Jasmine was also extremely annoyed and frustrated at this time. She glared at Master Lennard with a cold expression on her face as she said, “Master Lennard, if you refuse to give me an explanation right now, I will leave Don Albert to deal with you.”

Master Lennard hurriedly knelt in front of Jasmine before he cried out, “Miss Moore! I am sorry. I did not intend to hurt you at all. I was just trying to cheat some money out of you.”

Jasmine continued asking, “So, you were just putting on a show when you were performing the ritual earlier because you wanted to fool me?”

“Yes..” Master Lennard replied tremblingly as he took out the cash cheque from his pocket and begged for mercy. “I will return the money to you! Please let me go…”

Jasmine looked at him for a moment, and she could tell that he was not lying to her. However, this only made her feel even more desperate.

What was happening? Was her fortune truly worsening?

She had suddenly suffered such heavy losses, and if this continued, her family business would be destroyed in her hands!

All this while, Charlie, who had been silent, suddenly said, “As a matter of fact, Jasmine, it is not entirely true that Master Lennard did not do anything at all.”

Jasmine looked at Charlie curiously before she asked, “What do you mean?”

Charlie replied calmly, “The layout of your room combined with your five elements form a very terrifying and unfortunate Feng Shui alignment known as the ‘dragon encapsulation formation”.”

“The ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ will lock and trap all of your good fortunes. However, the formation was not completed because there was a small loophole in your room. That green potted plant that you had by the window left you a way out in this ‘dragon encapsulation formation”.”

After that, Charlie glanced at Master Lennard before he smiled and said, “Unfortunately, Master Lennard decided to remove your green potted plant and replace it with a stone instead. Since a stone symbolizes gold, the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ was finally completed, and that’s the reason why you are facing even worse misfortune and bad luck. Even if you remove the stone now, you will still be faced with more bad luck..”

Jasmine was utterly shocked, and she hurriedly put aside all the contempt that she felt for Charlie before pleading for his help. “Mr. Wade, please help me!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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