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Master Lennard quickly put the cheque away before walking over to the window and removing the green potted plant. Then, he placed the chalcedony stone by the window as he continued chanting his mantras.

Charlie scoffed as he witnessed this scene.

He realized that Master Lennard did not know what he was doing at all. Moreover, he had even caused a catastrophe by making the situation worse than it originally was!

From the, Charlie had already studied a strange scenario that was similar to what he was witnessing in Jasmine’s room.

He could feel a terrifying Feng Shui formation in this room, and he realized that the Feng Shui in this room was a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’.

As the name suggested, even if a dragon was living under this Feng Shui formation, it would also be trapped. If so, how could an ordinary person escape this?

Therefore, no matter how good a person’s fortune was, those who lived in a ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ would inevitably lose their good fortune and be plagued with continuous bad luck and misfortune.

As Jasmine was living in this room, it was only natural for all of her good fortune to be trapped, and this was also the reason why she was suffering from continuous bad luck.

Fortunately, this ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ was just beginning to take shape and had not been perfected yet.

If they allowed the Feng Shui formation to continue taking shape, it would not only change Jasmine’s fortune, but it would also change her fate.

When that happened, Jasmine would not only suffer because of bad luck, but she would also possibly lose her life!

What was even more of a coincidence was the fact that the only loophole in this ‘trapped dragon formation’ was none other than the green potted plant!

Green plants symbolized wood, which represented life and vitality!

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The green plant was the only thing preventing the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ from perfecting its shape.

This was also the only reason why Jasmine still had a little bit of luck.

However, Master Lennard had taken the green potted plant away and replaced it with his broken stone instead…

Stones symbolized gold, which represented the unbreakable!

After removing the potted plant and replacing it with the chalcedony stone, the ‘dragon encapsulation formation’ was almost completed.

At this time, Master Lennard finally finished chanting his spell, and he spoke to Jasmine in a deep voice. “Miss Moore, you can rest assured that I have already restored the Feng Shui in your room for you.”

Jasmine quickly asked, “Will my good fortune be restored immediately? Does that mean that I will not be suffering from any more bad luck?”

“Yes!” Master Lennard nodded before he said, “I have done the same procedure for some very famous people in Hong Kong and Macau, and I have restored their wealth greatly! Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything, Miss Moore.”

Jasmine asked again, “Master Lennard, in that case, do you have any way of helping me to find the diamond necklace that my mother gave to me? I am willing to pay you another ten million dollars if you help me get it back!”

Master Lennard scratched his head before replying, “Miss Moore… I am only good at Feng Shui mastery. Finding lost items is not my area of expertise…”

Jasmine could only nod in disappointment. “It’s okay, Master Lennard. I am already extremely grateful to you for reversing my bad luck for me.”

As soon as she was done speaking, her cell phone suddenly rang. A woman spoke to Jasmine over the phone anxiously. “Miss Moore! Something terrible has happened!”

Jasmine quickly asked, “What happened?”

The other party replied, “The shipment that we exported over to the United States has just arrived at the port. Upon inspection, however, the company said that our products are not up to their standards, and they want to return the products according to the contract. They are also asking for three times the original price of the product as compensation!”

Jasmine’s eyes widened in horror as she panicked and blurted out, “They want to return the five thousand tons of goods that we shipped out to them?! I will lose tens of millions of dollars in transportation and custom declaration fees alone! Moreover, if they are demanding three times the cost of the goods as compensation, that would cost me another several hundred million dollars!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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