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When Jasmine heard that Master Lennard had already discovered the source of all her problems, she was very excited and quickly exclaimed, “Master Lennard, since you have already identified the source of all my problems, will my fortune improve after I remove that potted plant?”

“Unfortunately, no.” Master Lennard replied with a serious expression on his face. “You should understand that a Feng Shui formation is an invisible formation. Even if you remove the green potted plant, you will not be able to remove the influence that it has left on the Feng Shui formation.”

Jasmine hurriedly asked, “In that case, what should I do?”

Master Lennard replied, “You should place an exorcism transporter refined by a Feng Shui master by the window instead of that potted plant. That way, you will be able to completely eradicate all of your problems, and at that time, your good fortune will continue to flow in from the east!”

Jasmine then asked, “What is an exorcism transporter?”

Master Lennard quickly took an egg-sized stone out from his pocket before he said earnestly, “Miss Moore, this is a chalcedony stone that has been eroded and weathered for millions of years. It is a magical product used for exorcising and transporting evil. If you place this chalcedony stone in the spot where you used to place the green potted plant, all the evil aura in this place will dissipate immediately. Then, your fortune will keep flowing in from the east.”

Jasmine was filled with joy as she listened to Master Lennard’s explanation, after which, she quickly asked, “Master Lennard, how much is this chalcedony stone? I will buy it from you!”

Master Lennard’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard that Jasmine would buy the stone from him.

He quickly replied with a serious expression on his face. “Miss Moore, this chalcedony stone is worth at least eighty million Hong Kong dollars, but since we have an affinity to meet, I will sell it to you for just ten million dollars!

Jasmine nodded before replying, “Money is not a problem as long as it will be able to help me resolve the problems that I am facing.”

Master Lennard replied without any hesitation, “Miss Moore, don’t worry. If you put this chalcedony stone in front of your window today, your fortune will definitely change completely tomorrow!”

Jasmine heaved a huge sigh of relief before taking out her checkbook and writing a cheque for ten million dollars in cash. After that, she handed it over to Master Lennard immediately. “Master Lennard, I will buy the chalcedony stone from you. Please help me to do the necessary preparations now.”

Jasmine wanted to resolve the problem she was facing as soon as possible.

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She had really been tortured by her bad luck lately.

Her bad luck had started ever since she celebrated her twenty-fourth birthday last month.

She had gotten into various car accidents, and all of the five cars in her house had been damaged to varying degrees.

Not long after that, she had sprained her ankle and could still feel pain until today.

Not only that, but just a few days ago, Jasmine had lost the one and only precious heirloom that her mother had left to her. Jasmine really cherished that diamond necklace.

She had been wearing that diamond necklace for more than ten years which was almost half of her lifetime! She was offering a reward of several million dollars if anyone returned the diamond necklace to her, but alas, there had been no news about it at all.

She had been crying for many nights over this matter.

Moreover, one of the business partners that the Moore family had been working with for many years had suddenly ended their partnership with the Moore family yesterday. 9 Both parties had initially undergone a negotiation process and were just about to sign the partnership contract. However, the other party had suddenly decided to work with someone else instead. They did not just refuse to sign the new partnership contract with the Moore family, but they also revealed that they would be terminating all of their existing agreements because they were going to work with another partner instead. Jasmine felt as though she had lost everything when it was already placed in front of her.

This was a huge loss to the Moore family.

After being plagued by bad luck and misfortune continuously, Jasmine found it unbearable and wanted to get rid of her bad luck as soon as possible so that she would not suffer any more losses.

Hence, spending ten million dollars to solve her Feng Shui issue and put an end to all of her problems was in fact, very cost-effective for her.

Master Lennard was trembling in excitement when he received the cheque of ten million dollars in his hand.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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