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Lady Wilson was in utter shock.

How had this happened?

She could not believe that Charlie actually had the power to influence the White family to break the engagement with the Wilson family!

She felt as though her heart was hurting as she thought about this.

Lady Wilson wanted to beg Zeke not to abandon the Wilson family. However, the other party ignored her completely. After announcing that they would be annulling the engagement between Gerald and Wendy, Zeke turned around and left the Wilson family villa with Gerald immediately.

Wendy broke down entirely and could not stop crying.

She had been following Gerald around for so many years, giving him everything that she had. She had even been pregnant with his child, but still, he chose to abandon her at this time!

She could not help but feel hatred and resentment toward her grandmother.

Christopher was also feeling very depressed right then. He had acted and dealt with his brother’s family according to the old lady’s instructions, but it seemed as though he had not obtained any benefits at all.

Most importantly, his son had been heavily injured and arrested by the police, and his daughter was abandoned by her fiancé and his family. Christopher felt that he had suffered more losses than gains!

He voiced his complaints to the old lady. “Mom, I have always listened to you and acted according to your instructions, but at this point, my family has already lost everything that we have!”

Lady Wilson calmed herself down and regained her composure before she started to reassure them. “Do not panic. What is the hurry? We can spend some money to bail Harold out of the police’s custody. As for Wendy’s marriage, there is nothing else that we can do about the White family, but we have nothing to worry about. After all, Wendy is really beautiful, and there will be many young men from rich families who would be lining up to ask for her hand in marriage!”

Then, Lady Wilson continued speaking, “Don’t forget that we still have a contract with Emgrand Group, and we can definitely rely on them at a time like this. The Wilson family will definitely pull through this, and once we win this battle, the Wilson family will not need to depend on anyone else in the future! Why would we need to depend on anyone else if we are extremely wealthy on our own?”

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Christopher hurriedly asked, “Mom, the person in charge of the contract with the Emgrand Group is that wench, Claire. Now that we have already kicked her out of the Wilson Group, don’t you think that we should get someone to take over this project as well as the position of the director of Wilson Group?”

“Of course! Of course, we have to replace her with someone else!” The old lady blurted out immediately. “Don’t worry about it. I will let Harold take over the position of the director as soon as he comes out of police custody. As the director of the Wilson Group, he will be fully responsible and in charge of the project and any future collaborations between the Wilson Group and Emgrand Group!”

Christopher was very happy, and he finally felt a little comforted.

Even though his family had suffered a great loss, the old lady was already willing to compensate them for these losses. If Lady Wilson decided to hand this project over to his son, he would have a chance to turn his life around in the future.

After that, Lady Wilson continued, “We cannot afford to make any mistakes in our collaboration with Emgrand Group. When the time comes, I want Harold to give his best so that we can secure many more projects and collaborations with Emgrand Group!”

Christopher replied immediately, “Mom, don’t worry! I will make sure that Harold does his best!”

As soon as they were done talking, the doorbell rang.

Not long after, a man dressed in a suit walked into the courtyard.

“Excuse me, is Lady Wilson at home?”

Lady Wilson quickly greeted the man before she asked, “I am Lady Wilson. May I know who you are?”

The other party replied, “Hello, I am the lawyer representing Emgrand Group.”

As soon as Lady Wilson heard that the other party was from Emgrand Group, she replied enthusiastically, “Oh! Oh! So, you are a lawyer from Emgrand Group? Please come in!”

“No, thank you,” the man replied coldly. “I am just here to give you a letter in person.”

“A lawyer’s letter?” Lady Wilson asked in surprise. “Why are you giving me a lawyer’s letter?”

The other party replied immediately, “This letter is a letter for the termination of the contract and all the collaborations between Emgrand Group and Wilson Group. After some discussion, Emgrand Group has decided to terminate all projects and collaborations with the Wilson Group. Moreover, Emgrand Group will never work with the Wilson Group again. Please make a trip to Emgrand Group within the next three days to complete the termination agreement.”


The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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