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Claire and her family went to Kempinski for dinner while Wendell was sulking at home.

He saw the post from Emgrand Group’s official page, feeling very depressed and dejected.

He thought that it would be absolutely impossible for Claire to win the contract, but unexpectedly, it had only taken her half an hour to score a sixty million dollar contract. Recalling his harsh and scornful remarks at her place yesterday, he was extremely embarrassed as the remarks came back as a slap in his face!

Right at this moment, Harold called to whine about his situation. He said as soon as the call was answered, “Hey, Wendell, what the h*ll! I earnestly created opportunities for you to pursue my cousin, but you turned your back on me and helped her to win the Emgrand contract. How could you do this to me?”

Wendell shook his head in disdain. ‘What the heck? I didn’t do anything!’

Harold asked again, “Wendell, be honest with me. Did you sleep with my cousin?”

At the same time, Wendell was too embarrassed to deny the fact that he had nothing to do with all this. It would mean that he was admitting his incompetence, wouldn’t it?

Hence, he mumbled sheepishly, “Yeah. Harold, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you whenever I have a chance.”

“I knew it!” Harold sighed, and then hurriedly asked, “Wendell, my cousin was a virgin, wasn’t she? I don’t think she’s ever slept with that loser. You struck the jackpot, you lucky dog!”

Wendell gaped in astonishment followed by excitement.

Alright! Claire Wilson was still a virgin!

Then, he might as well tell everyone that he had done the deed with Claire, in this way, he could estrange her relationship with her husband too.

As the cunning thought lingered in his mind, he giggled coyly and said to Harold, “Yes, your cousin was a virgin. She was so tight and cute I couldn’t help it! Hahaha!”

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Harold’s bitter voice resonated, “If so, please don’t forget about me whenever you have any benefits in hand, okay buddy?”

“Don’t worry!” Wendell exclaimed casually.

As soon as he ended Harold’s call, his father called him suddenly.

His father’s anxious voice entered his ear. “Wendell, we have a problem! The Emgrand Group has canceled all their projects with us! Did you offend anyone recently?”

Wendell fell into dead silence upon hearing this.

Was it true? Didn’t it mean that his family would suffer a great loss?!

He blurted hastily, “Dad, what’s going on? No, I didn’t offend anyone! Did you?”

His father sounded disbelief and bewildered. “Neither am I! I’ve been in the office these days so I didn’t meet many people, let alone offend someone…”

“Hey, Dad, is it possible that Emgrand’s new chairman is doing a major reshuffle after taking over the company?”

“Yes! You’re right!” Mr. Jones exclaimed, suddenly coming to his senses. “I haven’t had a chance to visit the new chairman since his appointment. I’ve spoken to Doris Young several times, but she said that their chairman doesn’t take any visitors.”

“Then what should we do?”

Mr. Jones fell into silence as he pondered the situation and then said, “Oh, yes. The Wilson family’s banquet tomorrow night, they said that they’ve invited the chairman. Let’s find a chance to meet him!”

“Alright!” Wendell agreed right away. “Let’s go together tomorrow!”


The next day, the entire Wilson family was over the moon and extremely delighted. It was the most important moment in the family.

Overnight, the news about the Wilson family winning the contract with Emgrand Group and the invitation of the chairman to the banquet had spread throughout Aurous Hill!

For this banquet, Charlie found his most expensive suit to wear and went to the hotel where the banquet was held.

Charlie got out of the car after arriving at the hotel’s entrance when a Porsche stopped abruptly in front of him.

Then, Wendell Jones, who donned a meticulously expensive suit and slick hairstyle, came out of the car.

A waiter marched forward and greeted him diligently.

Wendell saw Charlie too, apparently. There was a trace of disdain in his eyes as he scanned him and said with a sly smile, “Where did you find this counterfeit suit? You look like a dog trying to play dress-up.”

Charlie said flatly, “What does it have to do with you?”

Wendell twitched his lips, a dash of mockery painted his face. “You have nothing to do with me, but your wife is a whole new different story…”

Charlie frowned slightly and asked, “What story?”

The bystanders couldn’t help but stop as the remarks echoed within their earshot.

Starting last night, there was a rumor circulating among society.

Rumors had it that Claire succeeded in winning the contract because of her intimate relationship with Wendell. Otherwise, how else could they explain the collaboration with Emgrand Group based on her and Wilson Group’s competency?

From the current looks of it, it sounded quite legit and reasonable.

Seeing that a crowd was slowly gathered around them, Wendell said loudly, “Why do you think Claire could win the contract with Emgrand Group?”

Charlie glared at Wendell coldly. “Why?”

Wendell curled his lips into a cocky smile and said, “Because of me, of course! Because Claire is my woman now, so I gave all I could for her to succeed in her negotiation with them! If you have any sense left, be a gentleman and divorce her as soon as possible.”

Although they had anticipated the reason, the people couldn’t help but gape in astonishment when they heard Wendell said it outright.

Sure enough! Claire had won the contract by sleeping with Wendell Jones!

“Because of you?” Charlie chuckled sinisterly. “Who do you think you are?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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