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The sales lady was panicking because she was worried that she would lose her job since she had offended Charlie.

However, Charlie simply waved his hand before he said in a faint manner, “Don’t worry, this is a small issue, I won’t hold this against you,”.

After that, Charlie continued speaking, “By the way, could you please explain what Villa A05 is to all these short-sighted people here today?”.

The sales lady hurriedly explained, “The villas in Thompson First are divided into four different categories: A, B, C, and D, The scarcest category is category A, which has the largest area, The villas in category A consists of three levels, including a basement, There is also a private elevator within each villa, with each villa measuring more than one thousand square meters large, It also consists of a front and rear courtyard, The price of one of these villas is over one hundred million dollars, This is the most expensive villa in Thompson First and perhaps even in the entire Aurous Hill!”.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as soon as the sales lady finished her explanation.

Charlie owned a villa that was worth more than one hundred million dollars? How could a person dressed in such casual clothing actually own such a luxurious villa?.

Harold’s expression was extremely ugly and his parents and sister were already dying of jealousy at this point.

Wendy suddenly asked, “Charlie, how did you manage to buy this villa?”.

Charlie smiled faintly before he replied, “Someone gave it to me,”.

“Why would anyone give you this villa?”.

Wendy asked in a furious manner.

Her heart was sinking at this time because she knew that she would never be able to live in such a luxurious villa in her entire lifetime, but how could someone like Charlie possibly live here?.

Charlie was too lazy to even respond to her question.

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However, at this time, he simply stared at Harold as he asked, “Harold, didn’t you say that you would jump off the highest floor of the building if I owned one of the houses here? When will you be jumping?”.

Harold’s face turned pale immediately as he clenched his fists tightly together.

“Charlie, you rat! Don’t try to be smug with me! I still don’t believe that you can afford to own this villa, nor do I believe that someone would actually give you this villa, It is completely impossible! Tell me the truth, How did you get this villa?”.

Charlie shook his head and smiled before he exclaimed, “It seems as though some people really cannot afford to lose in a confrontation,”.

After that, Charlie looked at Harold again before he said, “Harold, with your abilities, the most expensive thing you’d ever be able to afford is one of the ordinary high-rise units around the vicinity of the villas, It seems as though you’ll be one of those to take the bullet and stand guard for me, Anyway, the most important thing you need to know today is that you’ll never be able to afford to live in this villa in this lifetime!”.

Harold’s face turned very dark at this time.

This was the first time he had ever been insulted by Charlie.

However, what was even more hateful was the fact that he could not retaliate at all!.

How could he retaliate? Even if they used all the money they had, the most expensive house they could afford to buy was the two hundred and forty square meter house.

If they chose to purchase that house, his family would be under a great deal of stress.

That was the reason why they were still hesitating to make the purchase.

However, Charlie actually owned the biggest and most luxurious villa here! The gap between them both was just too big!.

Moreover, Harold could not tolerate Charlie’s calm and arrogant attitude at this time.

He was really provoking him.

Harold gritted his teeth before he said, “Charlie, don’t you have any respect for the Wilson family at all? You own such an expensive and big villa but you didn’t say anything to the Wilson family,”.

Charlie smiled before he said, “I thought you’ve always said that I am not a member of the Wilson family? Why should I tell you anything, then?”.

After that, Charlie turned around before he said to Claire, “My dear wife, why don’t we check out our new villa now?”.

Claire could not stop herself from blurting out, “This. Charlie, what’s going on?”.

Charlie smiled and said, “I’ll explain everything to you later,”.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Charlie suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Oh! Eldest Brother and Sister-in-Law, are you guys buying a house in Thompson First? That is amazing!”.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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