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Sabrina hurriedly put on a coy smile and said to Charlie in a flattering voice, “Class rep, welcome to Shangri-La. It’s our honor for you to visit us and it’s also my pleasure as your former collegemate. Please come in…”

She assumed that her compliments and gentle tone would make Charlie forget her rude behavior towards him earlier.

Unfortunately for her, Charlie was not as kind as she thought he was.

Isaac gaped in surprise when he heard Sabrina’s remark and quickly asked, “Lee, you’re Mr. Wade’s college mate?”

“Yes, yes!” Sabrina said frantically, “Mr. Wade was my class rep when we were in college, we’re quite close!”

Isaac announced instantly, “Go to the president’s office tomorrow. You’ll be the HR manager of Shangri-La!”

In Shangri-La, the promotion from team leader to HR manager was at least a three-tier difference in ranking. Not only would her salary and welfare package increase by tenfold, but she would also control the manpower of most employees in the hotel. The HR manager was considered among the high-level executives at managerial level.

Sabrina was so thrilled when she heard his statement that she almost fainted.

Charlie uttered coldly, “Mr. Cameron, do you know what kind of relationship I have with Sabrina Lee?”

Isaac assumed that Charlie was displeased with the arrangement and immediately said, “Mr. Wade, I can promote Miss Lee to vice president if it pleases you!”

Charlie said abruptly, “I called Sabrina Lee for help because I didn’t have a membership card, but out of nowhere, she insulted me for no reason and even urged the guards to beat me. Yet, now you want to promote her to vice president? What do you mean by that? Do you want to intentionally piss me off?”

Isaac felt blood drained off his body.

He had aimed his flattery in the wrong direction!

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Next, the glare he pointed at Sabrina was filled with wrath and fury.

He swung his hand across her face and growled in great dismay, “How dare you offend Mr. Wade? Did you borrow your courage from a lion? You wish to die, don’t you?”

Sabrina was so frightful that she knelt down on the ground, shaking in great fear as she wailed and pleaded, “Mr. Cameron, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Isaac lifted his leg and kicked her fiercely, sending her a distance away, and shouted, “You ignorant b*tch! I’ll teach you a lesson today about the price you have to pay for offending Mr. Wade!”

He then turned to the security guards and shouted, “Give her a good beating! Don’t be merciful, destroy that plastic face of hers and make an announcement to the entire Aurous Hill that whoever dares to hire her would indicate that they’re going up against me, Isaac Cameron!”

Sabrina was extremely scared. She pleaded hastily, “Mr. Cameron, I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

Isaac’s face blushed in a hot red shade as he shouted, “Now you know that you’re sorry, huh! What drained your brain earlier? How dare you provoke Mr. Wade? If it’s not because of him, I’d kill you right now!”

Tears drenched Sabrina’s face. Kneeling on the ground, she crawled in front of Charlie and bowed vigorously. “Mr. Wade, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I beg you, please, for the sake of our friendship…”

Charlie glanced at her coldly and said, “Sabrina Lee, we’re friends, but why did you insult me and my wife just now?”

“Class rep, I was out of my mind just now. It’s all because of my filthy mouth, please forgive me…”

“I wouldn’t attack unless I’m attacked first. Since you’ve attacked me, I’ll never spare you! You left me no choice!”

Charlie then snorted in dismay. “Take a dose of your own medicine, you ignorant woman!”

Isaac growled, “B*tch! Don’t you dare pester Mr. Wade again, I’ll tear your mouth off your plastic face!”

Sabrina didn’t dare to speak another word. She knelt on the floor and wept bitterly.

Charlie ignored her completely. He looked at Isaac and said flatly, “I want to talk to you about the Sky Garden, let’s go to your office.”

Isaac nodded vigorously as he led the way. “Of course, Mr. Wade, please come this way!”

Before he left, he turned to the guards and shouted, “Teach her a lesson and don’t stop without my order!”

“Yes, Mr. Cameron!”

The guards nodded frightfully. They dashed towards Sabrina, pressed her against the floor, and gave her a good beating.

Behind Charlie, Sabrina was wailing and screaming continuously, but he couldn’t care less. Isaac escorted him into Shangri-La.

Once they were at Isaac’s office, Charlie cut to the chase and uttered, “My wife and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary in a few days’ time, I want to book the whole Sky Garden. May I?”

Isaac answered without a doubt, “Young Master, for the sake of fairness to all the premium members, we disallow the charter of the Sky Garden entirely, not even to prominent politicians in the city. However, the Sky Garden will be reserved for you and only you in the future!”

Charlie said flatly, “That’s not necessary, I just need it for my wedding anniversary. In addition, I need your help to prepare a surprise for my wife.”

“No problem! Please rest assured that all the staff of Shangri-La and I will always obey your orders and requests!”


After settling the matters in Shangri-La, Charlie hopped onto the bus and went home. He realized that almost all the passengers on the bus were watching videos and short clips on their phones.

To his surprise, everyone was watching the same video!

It was the video of him showing off the thirteen million dollars in cash in Emerald Court the other day!

The video began when Stephen and the team of security guards stepped out of the black Rolls-Royces. Then, the screen shifted to the guards carrying dozens of black suitcases into Emerald Court and hurled them all on the floor, humiliating the ignorant and cocky sales manager. The whole incident had been shot and posted on the Internet.

However, the video failed to capture Charlie’s face.

The video spread across Aurous Hill like wildfire. Curiosity filled the city as people were speculating on who was the ultra-rich man behind all this. Many girls started to daydream about their own rags-to-riches Cinderella fiction, wishing they could meet the mysterious Prince Charming soon.

Charlie heaved a sigh of relief after repeatedly confirming that his face was too blurry in the video to be identified.

When he finally got back home, it was filled with celebratory joy and excitement.

Claire had won the Emgrand Group contract and was about to be appointed as the director of Wilson Group. Her parents burst into joyful tears.

After being taunted and ridiculed for so many years, they could finally embrace under the limelight and shine!

Thanks to his in-laws’ pleasant mood, they didn’t find him despicable or annoying like they used to.

Elaine said happily, “Hah, I’m so happy today! My girl is extraordinary!”

She then turned to Charlie and said with a smile, which was an extremely rare scene, “Charlie, despite your uselessness, I’ll give credit where credit’s due, Claire managed to succeed thanks to your motivation, so you don’t have to make dinner tonight. We’ll go out and celebrate!”

Claire chuckled. “Let’s go to Kempinski!”

“It’s too expensive!” Elaine blurted in shock. “It’s at least one thousand dollars per person, isn’t it?”

Claire laughed gleefully and said, “Mom, the salary of the director is very high, with an annual income of one million.”

“Wow!” Elaine clapped her hands and cheered, “That’s awesome! My dear Claire has finally accomplished something significant!”

After a quick thought, she continued, “But you’ll need to give me 70% of your salary. You youngsters don’t know how to manage your money, give me the money and I’ll manage it for you. I’m sure it’s more reliable than you saving it on your own!”

Claire nodded. “Okay, Mom. I promise to give it to you every month, but we’ll have to set some ground rules here. Don’t taunt Charlie again, he’s your son-in-law, for goodness’ sake!”

“Okay, alright! For your sake, I promise I’ll not criticize him as much as I usually do!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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