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At this time, Zeke suddenly spoke up, “Everyone, please calm down. Mr. Yaleman is also doing this in consideration of the metaphysics circle! In the past, all of us were scattered all over the place. Now, if we choose to organize ourselves and form an alliance led by a single leader, it will definitely be more convenient for us to deal with any enemies in future. Moreover, if the challenger chooses a category that you aren’t good at, wouldn’t it be best for the rest of us? Our leader should be someone who is qualified and proficient in all aspects and disciplines in metaphysics.”

After he spoke, some of the people sternly objected to the idea while some of the guests actually felt that this was indeed a good opportunity.

After all, the winner would be given the opportunity to demand something from the loser. Moreover, if they got the first place, they would also be regarded as the leader of the metaphysics world.

Metaphysics was not solely an academic term!

If someone was seriously skilled in metaphysics, then there would also be several wealthy and influential people who would cling onto them!

Therefore, not many people could refuse or turn down the temptation of power and money! Some of the guests were very excited at this time.

“Of course…” Jack stood up as he continued speaking, “I will not force anyone to participate in this competition. Anyone who is too afraid to take on the challenge can choose to withdraw immediately. However, this person will be directly excluded from our circle and he will not be given the opportunity to join any of our metaphysics alliances in future.”

Everyone hesitated for a moment. Even though the risks were high, the benefits were equally rewarding.

The guests started contemplating at this time. After all, who would not be tempted to take on the leadership role of the metaphysics circle?

Charlie did not say anything as he continued sitting in his chair.

He felt that Jack was too ambitious.

Charlie did not have any interest in the metaphysics alliance but he planned to stay behind just to watch the show.

Very soon, a middle-aged man with a beard stood up.

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After that, the man took out a piece of jade before he placed it on his palm. The jade shone brightly as the wind blew against it. At this time, the man suddenly spoke up, “I am Jared Young from Dayton. I would like to challenge Mr. Yaleman.”

The Young family had always been focused on metaphysics and their main focus was on divine forecast. In fact, their skills and abilities had been passed down from generation to generation.

Jared was the forty-sixth descendant of the Young family and he was also very famous and well-known in Dayton for his abilities. Therefore, he was very proud and confident. That was why he chose Jack as his opponent even in the first challenge! “Alright then!”

Everyone started applauding at this time.

Jared raised his head arrogantly as he said, “This piece of jade in my hand has been passed from generation to generation and it is definitely the best of the best relics for divine forecast in metaphysics. Therefore, I believe that the Young family should be ranked first in the metaphysics circle!”

At this time, Jack also walked towards the other party as he nodded at Jared before he smiled and said, “Yes, the jade that you are holding in your hand is indeed one of a kind but I am afraid that it will not belong to you soon…’

After that, Jack reached into his pocket before he took out his wallet. He looked around for a short while before he took out a small one inch long rune paper from his wallet. The rune paper had a bright luster and it seemed as though it had been marked with a cinnabar.”

“The Arhat Golden Talisman!”

The crowd exclaimed excitedly as soon as they saw the golden talisman.

Jasmine took this opportunity to explain to Charlie, “The Arhat Golden Talisman was made by eighteen eminent monks who chanted for forty-nine days before making the consecrated and refined talisman. It is a very powerful talisman to use against evil.”

Charlie smiled before he said, “So, it’s not a good thing.”

Everyone glanced at Charlie in disgust as soon as they heard his words.

At this time, Jack snorted before he said, “I might be the best at divine forecast but I trust in the abilities of this talisman.”

Everyone knew that the Arhat Golden Talisman was a very rare treasure. It was made after gathering eighteen accomplished monks at a favorable time, place, and condition. Therefore, the rate of enlightenment that a person would have after using this talisman was more than ninety percent!

Moreover, the golden talisman in Jack’s hand was emitting a golden light. It was probably worth at least a million dollars!

“Stop talking nonsense already. Let’s open a hexagram now…”

Jared snorted before he started making a few gestures as he started chanting a few formulas in his mouth. After a short while, he said, “After an hour, there will be heavy winds and thunder coming from the west.”

Jack smiled slightly as he raised his head and said, “Yes, there will definitely be some rumblings but it is not due to the wind or thunder. To be precise, the shock is caused by an explosion on the mountain and it is caused by man. Someone will pay the price for his actions today.”

Jared frowned before he shook his head and said, “No! That is impossible. I do not see anyone in the hexagram.”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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