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Charlie nodded before he smiled and said, “I’ve come to meet all the masters here today.”

A middle-aged man dressed in a long gown asked in surprise, “So, is this the buyer who bought the final treasure at the auction for one hundred million dollars?” Finn smiled before he introduced Charlie to the crowd. “Yes, this is Mr. Wade.”

“What? Can he be considered a master too?” Zeke asked as he glanced at Charlie disdainfully. After that, he smiled before he said, “It seems as though anyone can call themselves a master nowadays. Any piece of trash on the street can also call themselves a master. However, though Mr. Yaleman is truly a master, he is so humble and he always keeps a low-profile.”

The crowd of people felt very awkward as soon as Zeke finished speaking.

Even though Zeke was belittling Charlie on purpose, everyone else agreed that Charlie could not be called a master, whether because of his age or the way he dressed. Almost all of the guests present here today were masters in the metaphysics world. Therefore, many of the guests felt that it was really inappropriate for Finn to call Charlie a master because that would place him on an equal footing with them.

At this time, Jack stood up before he smiled and said in a calm manner, “It’s okay. Calm down, everyone. I’d like to take advantage of this banquet to get to know each one of you better. I believe that all of us will know who the real master who’s worthy of this title and reputation is at the end of the day.”

Everyone who was present could not help but stare at Charlie as soon as Jack Spoke those words.

What was this young man doing here today?

Jasmine could not stop herself from frowning at this time. She had already expected Jack to make Charlie a target in an attempt to get back at him. However, she did not expect the atmosphere to be so solemn as soon as they had arrived.

Charlie had a cold and indifferent expression on his face as he walked towards his chair and he sat down as he ignored everyone around him.

When Zeke saw that all of the guests had already arrived, he quickly said, “Since everyone is already here, I would like to explain that the reason why Mr. Yaleman decided to hold the banquet at the White family mansion today is because he wants to get to know every one of you. Secondly, he would like to compare everyone’s skills and abilities.”

“How do we compare our skills?” someone asked.

“Naturally, it is based on the magical and spiritual level.”

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Jack stood up at this time before he explained, “The rules are very simple. As we all know, there are five disciplines in the metaphysics circle. You can select the category you are good at and choose any of the opponents you wish to compete with!”

“In order to make this a formal event, the funds will be sponsored by the White family. The winner of the competition will walk away with five million dollars and the loser will also receive fifty thousand dollars as a consolation prize.”

The rules seemed pretty reasonable and most of the guests nodded in agreement because they could actually make money from this competition.

In fact, all the masters in the metaphysics field would always keep to themselves because no one wants to reveal their skills and abilities just like that. Moreover, everyone present at the banquet today was all extremely capable and reputable people in the metaphysics circle.

If they competed against one another, they could explore each other’s skills and abilities and they could also get a bonus cash reward in return. This was equivalent to killing two birds with one stone!

“Just to learn from one another?” Charlie sneered as soon as he heard the rules of the competition. He knew that Jack did not simply organize the competition just so he could prove that he was superior to others.

As the guests were whispering among themselves, Zeke suddenly added another sentence, “We understand that the cash reward alone might not arouse everyone’s enthusiasm as a few million dollars means nothing to everyone here.”

“Therefore, we’ve decided to add another condition to the competition. The winner of the competition is entitled to choose to walk away with the five million dollars cash reward or to take away something belonging to the loser!”

“The winner of the competition will always be superior over everyone else and all other guests would have to show utmost respect to the winner. In the future, everyone is required to obtain the consent and agreement of the winner before doing anything in the metaphysics, Feng Shui, or antique industry!”

Everyone was silent when he finished his sentence.

After a short while, people started talking with uneasy expressions on their faces.

“What if the challenger chooses a category that the other party is not good at?”

“The metaphysics department in Newton University is the best of the best. Isn’t this simply an attempt to grab territory from others?”

“Is this a joke? Newton University has always been accustomed to our own ways. It’s really ridiculous to expect us to take orders from others! Moreover, there are also some people here who aren’t from Newton, right?”

There were plenty of discussions among the crowd and no one had expected this so- called banquet to be an attempt by Jack to dominate the metaphysics circle!

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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