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Adam had led a very miserable life for the past few days.

After getting into trouble a few days ago, he had been severely beaten up by his second uncle. Moreover, his uncle also banned him from leaving the house.

However, due to his extreme love for antiques, it was impossible for him to miss out on this auction.

Therefore, he tried his best to escape the house before he participated in the auction today. However, he did not expect to see Charlie here today.

He had always been very disdainful and doubtful of Charlie’s skills. In his opinion, his second uncle had been completely deceived by this young man.

However, he did not dare to provoke Charlie face to face. When he saw Charlie making a bid for the pearl necklace, he made a bid immediately because he wanted to challenge Charlie.

At this time, Charlie glanced at Adam before he turned around and faced the auctioneer again. After that, he continued his bid. “Seven hundred thousand dollars!”

Adam followed in his footsteps. “Eight hundred thousand dollars!”

Jacob could no longer sit still. Therefore, he stood up before he told Charlie, “Charlie, forget it. There’s no point in fighting him.”

Charlie simply smiled before he said, “Just look at how I am going to play with him.”

After that, Charlie raised his hand directly and said, “Eight million dollars!”

Everyone in the auction hall was dumbfounded at this time.

The other party was bidding for eight hundred thousand dollars and he had actually bid for the necklace at eight million dollars? Was he insane?

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At this time, Adam was also dumbfounded because Charlie was not playing by the rules. Since his bid was eight hundred thousand dollars, the other party would usually call for nine hundred thousand dollars or one million dollars at most. Why would he bid eight million dollars on the pearl necklace?

Was he really insane or did he have too much money to burn?

Charlie raised his brows as he smiled at Adam. “Mr. Quinton, please go on!”

Adam coughed before he said, “Do you think I’m crazy? Why would I buy this useless pearl necklace for eight million dollars? Forget it! You can have it.”

Even though Adam did not want to lose face, he was very unwilling to pay eight million dollars for the pearl necklace.

The value of the pearl necklace was seven hundred dollars at most. If he really spent more than eight million dollars just to buy the pearl necklace, his second uncle would definitely break his legs when he went home!

It was a complete waste of money!

Charlie stared at Adam as he said disdainfully, “Mr. Quinton, you are giving up so soon? You look like you can’t afford it.”

Everyone started laughing as soon as Charlie’s words fell.

Adam blushed as he replied, “You’re so irritating! Who says that I can’t afford the pearl necklace? I’m just not stupid enough to pay eight million dollars for this useless necklace. I’m really interested to see where you are going to get the money to pay for the necklace!”

Charlie smirked before he replied, “If you can’t afford it, just admit it. What is the point of such lengthy explanations right now?”

After that, the auctioneer dropped his gavel.

“Eight million dollars. Deal. Congratulations to Mr. Wade!”

At this time, the assistant came over to Charlie with a wireless credit card machine in her hand as she said, “Mr. Wade, please pay with your card now.”

Everyone was staring at Charlie at this moment. Adam sneered before he said, “Charlie, why don’t you try swiping your card now? I’d like to see how you can afford to pay eight million dollars!”

Everyone else was also curious to see how things would turn out. Since Charlie was so confident in his bid for the pearl necklace, would he really be able to pay for it?

Charlie smiled before he took out Graham’s black card from his pocket and swiped it on the credit card machine immediately.

There was no password needed.

He swiped the card successfully!

At this time, the assistant handed the receipt over to Charlie before she said, “Mr. Wade, your pearl necklace will be delivered to you before the end of the auction!”

“Perfect!” Charlie replied as he nodded.

Everyone was shocked at this time.

It seemed as though Charlie was really rich!

This man was really bold for buying a pearl necklace at the price of eight million dollars when it was really only worth seven hundred thousand dollars at most!

At this time, Charlie looked at Adam before he smiled and asked, “Mr. Quinton, are you satisfied now?”

There was a burst of laughter as someone ridiculed Adam. “I think Mr. Quinton cannot afford to pay for the item because he’s caused so much trouble to his family, am I right?”

“Hahaha. I think that Mr. Quinton is too weak to even lift a knife!”


Adam could feel his face burning.

Damn. That young man actually had the money to pay for the necklace!

He was really embarrassed now!

After that, Adam gritted his teeth before he said, “Charlie, I will not lose to you in the next bid!”

Charlie nodded before he replied indifferently, “Okay, then let’s compete for the next item.”

Adam did not know why Charlie could be so courageous, nor did he know that his uncle had given Charlie his black card…

Within a short while, a few more collections were auctioned off, followed by the introduction of a semi-finished topaz jade.

Half of the jade was wrapped in a rock to show that this was natural and authentic. The starting bid for the jade was eight hundred thousand dollars.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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