The Charismatic Charlie Wade 484

Chapter 484

The Terminal Lucidity Pill finally exerted its ultimate medicinal effect and killed Masao!

Masao did not even know that he was dying and that the medicine that he had taken was actually poison!

Jiro hurriedly pushed the car door open at this time as he yelled at the other family members who were about to board the other vehicles and said, “Dad has been poisoned! The magic medicine that my brother brought back is poisonous!”

When everyone heard his words, they felt as though they had just been struck by lightning!

A large group of people swarmed towards his Bentley and the family doctor also hurried over to check at this time.

It did not matter how you look at it because the old man was obviously dead!

At this time, Masao’s expression was extremely distorted and terrifying! His complexion was black and his eyes were bloodshot with blood oozing out of them. His mouth was wide open and he died an extremely miserable death!

The family doctor stepped forward to check on Masao and he said in a trembling tone, “The chairman…he’s really dead. He really died of poisoning! Was the magic medicine really poison?”

The members of the Kobayashi family felt as though they were all frozen in place at this time.

If the magic medicine was poison, then…they would have suffered a heavy loss! Right now, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharma was dead and almost all the cash belonging to Kobayashi Pharma had already been remitted to the other party. What was even worse was the fact that more than seventy percent of this money was from bank loans! This way, Kobayashi Pharma would take more than eight to ten years just to repay their loan to the bank in the future! How could there possibly be any chance for a rapid development now?

It was conceived that the future of the Kobayashi Pharma was already bleak at this time!

Jiro had a very gloomy expression on his face.

However, even though he was very sad over his father’s death, he was also feeling a little excitement in his heart.

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This was because he knew that his brother, Ichiro, would never be able to threaten his position again in future.

Not only would he be unable to threaten him, but Jiro could also issue an order to kill him!

Killing his own father was a capital crime!

As long as Ichiro dared to set foot in Japan, he would be cut up into pieces!


Even if he chose not to return to Japan, Jiro would send someone out to hunt him down and kill him!

As he thought about this, Jiro had a cold expression on his face as he said, “My brother, Ichiro, must be the one who planned to harm and kill my father! We can never forgive him for doing such a rebellious thing!”

The folk customs of Japan were very similar to those of China. In the traditions of these two countries, killing a person’s own father was the biggest crime that anyone could ever commit!

Therefore, Jiro gritted his teeth and said, “No, I, Jiro Kobayashi, officially announce that I will give a cash reward of five billion yen to anyone who can kill Ichiro Kobayashi for his rebellious crime of murdering his own father! I will also temporarily take over the position of chairman of Kobayashi Pharma for the time being. Please spread the word to all the gang members in Japan and anywhere else that Ichiro could possibly be hiding!”

Five billion yen was approximately fifty million dollars and it was a huge amount.

Even though Kobayashi Pharma had just lost ten billion dollars and suffered a huge financial loss, it was still a world-renowned pharmaceutical company after all. Therefore, even if the journey ahead would be very difficult, Jiro felt that it was worth spending five billion yen in exchange for his brother’s life.

This five billion yen would definitely be enough incentive for all the Japanese gangs to hunt Ichiro down!

As long as Ichiro was dead, Jiro would naturally end up as the official chairman of the company without any competition at all.

At this time, Ichiro’s assistant was frightened to death and he quickly ran away from the airport in a hurry while no one was paying any attention to him. At the same time, he quickly made a phone call to Ichiro. As soon as the phone call was connected, he cried out immediately, “Mr. Kobayashi! Don’t come back to Japan! You cannot come back to Japan! Your father is dead and your younger brother thinks that you killed him with the magic medicine that you brought back! Now, he’s offering everyone a reward of five billion yen for your life!”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son-in-Law, Hero of Hearts, The Millionaire Son in Law
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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!



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