Punished by His Love Chapter 60

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Her son had visited her at noon and had brought her all sorts of nutritious delicacies for lunch, which she was fed up with at this point. She craved nothing more than a normal home-cooked meal, and today, her wish came true.

“My daughter-in-law is the sweetest,” Grace praised sincerely.

“If you really like it this much, I am more than willing to bring you lunch every day. With that small side income I got, it should be enough to keep both of us fed,” Sabrina smiled joyfully from her heart, feeling as lucky as though she came across the money on the road.

“Let me tell you a little secret. I couldn’t care for the dishes made by famous cooks that my son has been bringing me. I’d rather have what you brought me. I’m going to forbid Sebastian from ever bringing me lunch, and I would only be eating food brought to me by my sweet Sabbie!” Grace picked fun at her son in front of Sabrina playfully.

“Deal!” Sabrina raised her hand to high-five with Grace, and the two laughed cheerfully. None of them realized that Sebastian had been standing by the door the entire time.

Finally, Sebastian coughed lightly to announce his presence, and Sabrina turned around to find Sebastian.

“Sebastian, here you are,” said Sabrina with a sweet smile.

“…” For a moment, Sebastian contemplated how her smile that seemed innocent and playful at the same time could look so sincere, as if this was not all for show for his mother.

“What happened? It’s rare for you to be free at this time to visit our mother,” Sebastian softened his tone purposefully.

“Sabbie said she came across a small fortune of $1,000 USD today. Sebastian, be honest with your mother. Was this the allowance that you gave her? Let me tell you, $1,000 USD is hardly enough! You need to give Sabbie at least $20,000 USD to spend each month!” Grace lectured, assuming that her son was too inattentive to his wife’s feelings.

Little did she know, what she had mentioned had deepened the sullenness in Sebastian’s heart.

‘Sabrina made a small fortune of $1,000 USD? Where could it come from?” He thought, ‘Probably from accompanying Marcus and playing hard to get?’

The two continued to behave like a couple that was deeply in love the next 20 minutes they were there with Grace. Sabrina even made a point to lean her head over to Sebastian’s shoulders like she was asking for his attention, which kept Grace content the entire time.

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However, as soon as they walked out of the room, the two returned to their usual distance as if they didn’t know one another to begin with. Sebastian was visibly more detached than before. Sabrina was clueless about what she had done to have angered the man. She dared not to ask and most importantly, she couldn’t care less about the reason. She walked towards the bus station once they were out of the hospital, only to be dragged backward by Sebastian.

“I found out today that you were a brilliant actress. Selene couldn’t hold a candle to you even if she tried! I couldn’t help but think that you were the true mastermind before that whole incident of you being kidnapped by Selene,” he said with a voice so cold that the air seemed to have frozen around him.

“What are you on about?” Sabrina asked.

“Do not attempt to harm Selene! She is not someone you should mess with!”

Sebastian turned around to get in his car and drove away.

“…” As Sabrina stood wordlessly, her phone rang, and she picked it up, “hello?”

“Sabrina, this is Selene,” Selene’s voice came through from the other end.

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love

I’m Sorry My Love
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She was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She was forced to be a scapegoat and traded herself, which resulted in her pregnancy. He considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. She tried all her efforts to win his heart but failed. Her departure made him so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. She asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a domineering tone, he answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”



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