Punished by His Love Chapter 58

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If the camera was not lost, she no longer needed the money she borrowed from Nigel.

“So…I didn’t have to pay?” Sabrina asked cheerfully.

“Not even the rental fee,” said Master Tong.

“Thank, thank you, thank you so much. I…I would get going then?” Sabrina reconfirmed in relief.

“Yes, of course, Miss Scott.”

Sabrina sighed a long breath of relief and walked out of the Leasing Center feeling like all troubles were behind her.

“Miss Scott, if I could borrow a minute of your time,” Marcus called out from behind her. He instantly realized that Sabrina had asked to borrow $2,000 USD from him back at the banquet to compensate for a lost camera, and $2,000 USD could not even compare to what Marcus spent for a single meal.

“What did you need, Mr. Shaw?” Sabrina asked.

“Do you still need the money?” Marcus asked, struggling as to where he should start to explain himself.

“As you could see, I…no longer need it,” Sabrina smiled gently.

“I had thought that you were one of those young ladies that do scams for a living, and so when you called me the day before yesterday, I…”

“It’s alright, Mr. Shaw. It…it’s not like we knew each other to begin with. I was crossing the line. Anyone would have been alarmed by a stranger who asked to borrow money from them first thing into the conversation. I understand that. I regretted calling you almost immediately after making that phone call, realizing that it would put you in a difficult situation. Meeting people at a banquet could hardly count as actually knowing them, after all. I wasn’t aware of the rules. Take care and see you…never again, Mr. Shaw.” Sabrina strode off as soon as the last word was spoken.

“Uncanny, the resemblance is just uncanny,” Marcus mumbled from behind her.

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“What’s going on, cousin?” Mindy caught up with Marcus and asked.

“Um, nothing. You should head back without me, Mindy!” Marcus said and hurried his way to his car. He drove behind the bus that Sabrina had gotten on, leaving Mindy behind on her own.

Sabrina got off at a station outside a private hospital. She had initially planned to head straight back to her office. However, she had an extra $3,000 USD in her pocket and did not need to spend them on debt. Sabrina was in such a good mood that she figured she could utilize her lunch break to buy something delicious and shared them with Aunt Grace before going back to work.

She stopped near the entrance of the hospital to buy her lunch and found Marcus waiting.

“Mister…Mr. Shaw, what are you…” Sabrina startled.

“Could I have the pleasure to treat you to lunch?” Marcus asked.

“Now that you realized I wasn’t trying to scam you and was borrowing money for a decent reason, did you feel like I am worthy of your time after all?” Sabrina smiled sarcastically, “Or should we be more upfront about this and say that you would like for me to be your companion for a few days, so you could try something new and have some fun with me?”

“Maybe in half a year, or a month, or a week, when you are bored of me, you could have your secretary answer my calls for you and tell me that you were busy? I’m sorry, Mr. Shaw, but I’m not interested in your games. I admitted that it was wrong to behave the way I did at the Ford family banquet. I should not have tried to borrow money from you when I didn’t even know you. My sincerest apologies once again,” Sabrina said and turned to leave with her lunchboxes.

Marcus pulled her back towards him by the arm and said, “Miss Scott, if you would listen…”

“Let me go!” Sabrina stared at Marcus in silent anger and said, “I don’t want anything to do with the games you rich people play amongst yourselves!”

Sebastian’s car made a turn into the hospital and Kingston said to Sebastian, “Master Sebastian, why is Miss Scott with Master Shaw…”

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love

I’m Sorry My Love
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: English
She was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She was forced to be a scapegoat and traded herself, which resulted in her pregnancy. He considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. She tried all her efforts to win his heart but failed. Her departure made him so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. She asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a domineering tone, he answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”



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