Punished by His Love Chapter 43

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The three members of the Lynn family, who were hiding in the distance, went weak in the knees with fear.

Sebastian had already followed the doctor into the emergency room. The almost unconscious Sabrina had her eyes tightly shut, and her brows contracted. Her thick and curly eyelashes were covered with tears. Her eyelashes were initially beautiful, but they dropped lifelessly today.

The face that was smaller than the palm of his hand turned crimson red like the afterglow due to the fever.

Sebastian came close to Sabrina, who was still mumbling nonsense, “Baby, don’t leave Mommy… Don’t leave Mommy, Mommy has no family. Mommy… is lonely. Mommy… need a companion to continue living …”

Her tone was bleak and pitiful. The doctor who was giving her first aid could not help but shed tears.

Sebastian was watching all these with a cold expression, then asked in a deep voice, “Other than a high dosage of antipyretic drugs, then it’s only rapid physical cooling left?”

“Yes.” The doctor nodded.

“Physical cooling!” Sebastian gave an order and went to work with the doctors.

Physical cooling at this age was much better when compared to ancient times. It was only that the accompanying doctors, as well as Sebastian, had to endure the cold together with Sabrina. They pushed Sabrina to a slightly colder space, and then all the male doctors left the room. Other than Sebastian, the remaining doctors in the emergency room were all females.

The female doctors glanced at Sebastian and gestured for him to go out.

However, Sebastian said, “I am her man!”

The female doctors were speechless.

Sebastian had already undone Sabrina’s clothing before the doctors could say anything. Some of the doctors were holding wet towels and cotton balls. They started to wipe her down again and again on various areas of Sabrina’s body that could dissipate heat.

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After an hour or so, Sabrina’s body temperature gradually began to drop.

The doctor could finally administer the medicine at a lower dosage so it was not harmful to the baby. After another hour, Sabrina’s body temperature dropped to a normal level. She was then pushed out of the emergency room and was sent to the general ward.

Sabrina slowly woke up at noon.

At the time, Sebastian did not leave the ward.

The assistant, Kingston, came once. He hurriedly reported some of the company’s situation to Sebastian and then left again.

After Kingston left, Sebastian’s phone was ringing non-stop.

He picked up the calls one by one.

“Order them like this for this matter!”

“There’s no room for retreat. If they don’t agree, then acquire the whole company!”

“So, they knew how to beg for mercy? Why didn’t they do so earlier? Ship them in containers to the harshest and hottest places in Falaos to do hard labor for ten years!”

“Next time, don’t call me about such things!”

Sabrina was woken up by the sound of Sebastian’s phone calls. Her eyes were still shut and she had an ashen face.

She knew her baby was still around.

The high fever did not put her in a deep coma. She seemed to have heard in a half- conscious state that physical cooling was used because of the child in her belly. She kept feeling a large and gentle hand wiped her down repeatedly to relieve the heat at her underarm, inner thigh, and the back of her neck until her fever subsided.

She did not have to guess, and she could figure out why Sebastian would save her. It was because she still had some use for his mother.

The thought of her whole body touched by his pair of large hands made Sabrina felt a helpless sense of shame.

She felt like duckweed in this city with no roots and weights that had unknowingly caught in a whirlpool of emotions of the wealthy men of the city.

Sebastian was so powerful that he could save her life but he could also take her life. Nigel was a frivolous nobleman. He only approached her to toy with her feelings.

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love

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She was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She was forced to be a scapegoat and traded herself, which resulted in her pregnancy. He considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. She tried all her efforts to win his heart but failed. Her departure made him so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. She asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a domineering tone, he answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”



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