Punished by His Love Chapter 23

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“Mom, I’m sorry.” Sabrina’s tears fell on the corner of Grace’s blanket. Her voice was a little hoarse from crying. “I just joined the company, so I had to obey the arrangements of my boss. My boss made a last-minute decision to send me on a business trip for a few days, so I couldn’t come to see you on time.”

“It’s my bad. My health is getting increasingly worse.”

The tubes on Grace’s body had not yet been removed. Grace looked at her body, then said with a bitter smile, “I do not know if I could still open my eyes again after closing them…”

“Mom, don’t say that. I do not want you to leave me. If you have left me, then I would be very lonely. I do not have much family in this world.” Sabrina laid under Grace’s nose and cried her heart out.

Sabrina was just rescued, but she did not return to Sebastian’s place. She spent the whole day at the hospital taking care of Grace instead. Sabrina helped Grace clean her body, washed her hair, and clipped her nails. Grace was initially at the brink of passing, but the colors on her face became much better again.

Sabrina did such a thorough job caring for Grace, that Sebastian, the biological son, seemed redundant. Most of the time, he just stood quietly on the side and watched the pair of fake mother and daughter-in-law as they talked and laughed.

After Sabrina watched Grace fall asleep, she left the hospital to return to Sebastian’s and her place.

When she arrived home, Sabrina returned the emerald green bracelet to Sebastian before returning to her bedroom. “Such a valuable thing, I’d better return it to you.” The bracelet was placed on Sabrina’s hand again by Sebastian when they were on the way to the hospital. He looked at Sabrina, did not accept the bracelet, but said soberly, “The bracelet is not for you, but for you to wear it to console my mother’s heart.”

Sabrina smiled faintly. “I had never presumed that you would give me anything valuable either.”

After Sebastian saved her this time, Sabrina had more to say to Sebastian.

“Mr. Ford, when I first met with Aunt Grace, it was Aunt Grace who approached me. She saw that I was young, so she pitied me and took care of me. One thing led to another, and then we got more acquainted.”

“After that, her health deteriorated. She could not do the work that was overloaded. It was me who helped her to finish.”

“This was the friendship we built when we were in prison.”

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“I had never been the scheming liar you thought I was.”

“Also, please properly deal with your relationship with your girlfriend, Selene Lynn. I don’t want to have this kind of fatal disaster a second time.”

As soon as she finished, she placed the bracelet on the antique shelf next to him. She turned around and went into her bedroom without waiting for him to say anything. Sebastian suddenly had a feeling of being turned away from her.

His deep, bottomless cold eyes couldn’t help but took another look at her.

Her short bob hair was a bit disheveled, and her slightly swollen and red cheeks looked crystal clear, which made her seem good-looking, charming yet pitiful. However, her expression was neither humble nor overbearing, and her eyes were unwaveringly calm. She had once again returned to that calm and innocent state as if everything in the world and the surroundings had nothing to do with her.

The man suddenly wondered that as a girl who just survived the catastrophe, was this not a good time for her to act girly or give him a flattering smile when he began to look at her differently?

She did neither.

It was as if she was living in her world.

A person like her could not possibly be a scheming liar.

She seemed more like a weak soul who had wrapped herself up in a shell because she had been through many hardships and was used to seeing the insidiousness of the world.

Sebastian had a heart-wrenching feeling.

His phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Selene calling. He tapped the answer button and asked in a deep voice, “What is it?!”

“Master Sebastian…” Selene sobbed. Her teeth chattered as she spoke, “I know I’m dead this time. I didn’t mean anything else. I only wanted to apologize to you. I would disappear from your view forever after I’m clear with you. Could you come down to see me once, Master Sebastian? If you don’t come down to see me, then I would stay here in the rain until you do.”

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love

I’m Sorry My Love
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She was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She was forced to be a scapegoat and traded herself, which resulted in her pregnancy. He considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. She tried all her efforts to win his heart but failed. Her departure made him so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. She asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?” In a domineering tone, he answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”



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